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Upper HF: Yagis and Relatives

  Welcome to Yagi-World   Horizontal and Vertical Yagi Orientation
  Lobe Formation With Height Increases in Horizontal Antennas   Modeling 6 Long-Boom Yagis
  What Can We Expect From a 2-Element Beam?   Method, Units of Measure, and the Dipole Standard of Reference
  The Full-Size 2-Element Yagi   Shortened Dipoles and Capacity Hat Yagis
  Loaded Yagis   Strategies for Improving Forward and Rearward Performance
  Mastering Some Mysteries of 2-Element Beams Part 1   Mastering Some Mysteries of 2-Element Beams Part 2
  2-Element Yagis: How Short Can We Go?   The Monoband Log-Cell Yagi Revisited - Intro
  Part 1: An Introduction to the Log-Cell Yagi and Some Standards of Comparison   Part 2: Element Phasing and Log-Cell Design
  Part 3: Some Practical Log-Cell Yagi Designs   Part 4: Vee-ing the Log-Cell Yagi Elements
  Some Aspects of Long-Boom, Monoband Log-Cell Yagi Design   The G4ZU Bird Yagi

Coils, Linear Loads, and Capacity Hats: An Overview of Small Loaded Yagis
Director/Driven Element 2-Element Yagis: Some Ideas for 12 and 17 Meters
  Using Moxon Rectangles for WARC-Band Antennas: Part 1   Using Moxon Rectangles for WARC-Band Antennas: Part 2

A Truly Portable Moxon Rectangle for Nearly No-Tool Field Assembly
Notes on the V-Yagi

Is the V-Yagi a 3-Element Moxon?
The Inverted-U as a Field Yagi
  The Inverted-U Yagi on 20 Meters and an Alternative   Modeling Yagis by Equation Parts 1
  Modeling Yagis by Equation Parts 2   Designing Moxon Rectangles by Equation and by Model
  Moxon Rectangles (General Index with Dimension Calculator): 22 Items   VK2ABQ Squares and Moxon Rectangles
  The Moxon Rectangle: A Review   An Aluminum Moxon Rectangle for 10-Meters
  Wire Moxon Rectangles for 40-10 Meters   Further Notes on 40-Meter Wire Moxon Rectangles

Notes on the Moxon Rectangle Pattern
The Double-D Antenna
  Multi-Banding the Moxon Rectangle   17-12 Meter
  30-17-12 Meter   Moxon-Modifying the C3-Type Tri-Bander

The Moxon Rectangle on 2 Meters
Building a 2-Meter Moxon
  Designing Moxon Rectangles   40 + 30 = 50 (Not 70)
  A Truly Portable Moxon Rectangle for Nearly No-Tool Field Assembly   Moxon Rectangles for 6 Meters

The Elusive Moxon Nest
Vertically Stacking Horizontally Oriented Rectangles
  Vertically Stacking Vertically Oriented Rectangles   HF Vertically-Oriented Moxon Rectangles: A 40-Meter Example
  Stepped-Diameter Moxon Rectangles for 20 through 10 Meters   A Tale of 4 Beams: The X, the Hex, the Square, and the Rect

Yagi Element Diameter Differences Do Make a Difference
Reversible Yagi Arrays
  I Want to Build a 3-Element Yagi: Intro   Part 1: How Big Shall I Make It?
  Part 2: How Wide-Band Shall I Make It?   Part 3: What Real Dimensions Shall I Use?
  Part 4: How Shall I Feed the Antenna?   Stacking Yagis 3 Items
  Some Notes on Stacked Beams   Supplementary Notes on Stacking
  Stacking: What Difference Does Difference Make?   1-2-3: 1 Boom, 2 Bands, 3 Elements Each
  Three Forward-Stagger 5-Band Yagis from ON4ANT   Dream Beams: Intro
  Part 1: LPDAs and Quads   Part 2: Forward-Stagger and Interlaced Yagis