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An introduction to antennas and related ideas (with a special focus on wire antennas) for the newer antenna enthusiast.


Antenna Fundamentals & Compositions

  Where Do Antennas Fit in Your Communications System?   The Resonant Half-Wavelength Center-Fed Antenna
  Azimuth, Elevation, and Antenna Modeling   Making a Dipole Fit the Space Available
  A 135' Center-Fed Multi-Band Dipole Data Compendium   A 102' Center-Fed Multi-Band Dipole Data Compendium
  How to Make Your Tuner Work on Every Band   Horizontal vs. Vertical Antennas on the Low HF Bands
  Fundamentals of Off-Center-Fed Dipoles   Harmonic Operation of OCFs
  A 135' Off-Center-Fed Multi-Band Dipole Data Compendium   A 135' End-Fed Multi-Band Dipole Data Compendium
  What Happens Along a Length of Feedline   ATUs, Delta, and Tuner Losses
  More on ATUs, Delta, and Losses   Noise, Antennas, and Receiving Systems
  Vertically-Oriented, Horizontally Polarized 1 wl Loops   Multiband Use of VOHPLs
  Some Facts and Fantasies About Standing Wave Ratios   Vertically-Oriented, Vertically Polarized 1 wl Loops

A Short Look at Wire Beams
A Horizontal 80-Meter Multi-Band Loop Data Compendium
  Where to Place Your Impedance Matching Efforts   The 75-Ohm 1/4 Wavelength Matching Section
  A 1/2 Wavelength Inverted-L Multi-Band Antenna Data Compendium   A 3/8 Wavelength Inverted-L Multi-Band Antenna Data Compendium
  Differentiating Among Many Types of Grounds   Why Parasitic Beams Work
  Interesting Alternatives to the Yagi   A Collection of Inverted-Vee Patterns
  Handling Parallel Feedlines   When and Which Parallel Feedline to Use
  Unwanted Currents and Their Suppression   The 44' Doublet as a 40-10 Meter
  Sorting Out Bi-Directional Phased Arrays   The Dual Expanded Lazy-H for 80-10 Meters
  A Potpourri of Bent Dipoles   A Collection of Quadrant Antenna Patterns
  A Nearly All-Band Vertical Doublet   The Terminated Wide-Band Folded Dipole Antenna
  The Terminated (Very) Longwire Antenna   The Terminated Vee-Beam and Rhombic


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