Some 35 years of teaching have given me an abiding interest in the continuing education of radio amateurs. As an Educational Advisor to the ARRL, I have prepared since 1992 an article for each of the annual Proceedings of the National Education Workshop. Because these volumes do not now see circulation, and because the articles I have contributed might have a useful note or two within them, I am placing them here. Readers should make an attempt to look through the entire contents of the series for other very useful and insightful articles, full of tips and techniques to make ham teaching--both before and after licensing--more effective.

A number of the articles contain references to web sites, periodicals, vendors, clubs, and other sources having addresses. Such information grows stale and outdated fairly quickly. However, ARRL and QST are 2 enduring sources for updated information. Web search engines are another good source of what is current.

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Amateur Radio Continuing Education

  A Short Tale About the Family, the Fox, and the Moxon   Antenna Modeling Programs as Teaching Tools
  Youth Teachers and Tutors; or Elmer Does Not Have to Be an Adult   Why 0.707? Teaching R.M.S. Values of AC Voltage and Current
  The Internet as a Teaching Tool: Using It Well   Beyond the License: Teaching the Principles of Effective Station Design
  QRP: A Newcomer's and Old-Timer's Challenge   The Blackboard Jumble
  Introducing the "All-Band" Doublet: What the Student and the Instructor Should Keep in Mind   Continuing Ham Education