Antenna Options

L. B. Cebik, W4RNL (SK)

When asked to become a contributing editor for QEX, ARRL's technical experimenter's journal, I developed the "antenna options" theme as a foundation for my irregular contributions. Each episode in the series tries to lay out the options that an antenna builder, designer, or user has over some defined territory. Sometimes the options are purely practical--as practical as selecting element or boom materials. Sometimes the options match antenna designs to operating goals. Sometimes the options involve modeling software and its use. Occasionally, a topic requires more than one episode to finish (although we never really exhaust our options). However, the irregular publication schedule limits the number of columns devoted to a single topic. All items on the list below appear with permission, although they are copyrighted by ARRL. The material originally appeared in QEX: Forum for Communications Experimenters ( The episodes will appear at this site only after they have first appeared in QEX and have.

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Antenna Options

  No. 1: A Yagi Case Study: Part 1, Design Options   No. 2: A Yagi Case Study: Part 2, Element Material Options
  No. 3: A Yagi Case Study: Part 3, Construction Options   No. 4: Antenna Modeling Software: Part 1
  No. 5: Antenna Modeling Software: Part 2   No. 6: Do I Need More Gain?
  No. 7: Wire and the HF Horizon: the Ys and Wherefores   No. 8: How Wide is Wide?
  No. 9: A Broadside of Vertical Wires   No. 10: Horizontal Bi-Directional Wires
  No. 11: From Two to One   No. 12: Narrowband NVIS Antennas
  No. 13: NVIS Antennas for Special Needs   No. 14: Reversible Wire Beams for Lower HF Use
  No. 15: Circularly Polarized Aimed Satellite Antennas   No. 16: Horizontally Polarized Omni-Directional Antennas: Some Compact Choices
  No. 16a: Horizontally Polarized Omni-Directional Antennas: Some Larger Choices   No. 17: Beam-Matching
  No. 18: Reflections on Reflectors   No. 19: This is the Final Entry received before LB's death.

EZNEC files for the antennas modeled in the Antenna Options column. This entry relates to one wavelength loops. No text was finished.


The versions of the episodes that appear here are in HTML format. Hence, they will diverge in appearance from the versions appearing in QEX. Occasionally, I have had to change some wording to suit the arrangement and progression of graphics and tables. -- LB

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