Brief Biography

          At the tender age of 10 (born 1943), I became fascinated with radio when my father finally bought a radio set. What a miracle in the house now, from out of nothing and everywhere came wireless music and voices! But already at this young age, I was puzzled at a phenomenon noticed on the MF band at the higher frequency scale. During the evening hours something strange happened: the signal would exhibit a fading and reduction of the sound volume. My mother called it “blowing away” like a wind can do. No one I asked had an answer for me at this time. Later this all became clear, it had something to do with propagation properties.

          At the age of 12 I build my very first radio “crystal” set. Fascinating by this wonder of no power consumption I wanted to know more about radio in general. I enrolled to a technical course by postal correspondence about radio techniques. By the age 13, I started doing repairs at every opportunity on defective radio sets of neighbors and relatives. All the more I wondered about “how do those radio signals get into the air”?

           After a long search (1960), I was able to locate literature and a book about the exciting radio amateur hobby. Shortly after, I became a member of the UBA (Union Belgium Amateurs) and helped by the members, I started studying transmitting theory and CW. At one of the weekly club CW sessions I met another CW student who lived only one mile from my home without knowing each other. We became friends and decided to study together the necessary electronics theory and practicing CW at his home. We both passed the exams and got our license in April 1961. My friend got the call sign ON4UN and I got ON5AU and we stayed close friends for ever since.

           After finishing high school radio electronics, I worked as a radio and TV repair technician in a local company. In 1974 I became interested in microprocessors, microcomputers and computer programming, (Assembler, Basic, and Pascal). During that same year I started working at the Bell Company Belgium, as a maintenance technician for their CNC machines. Fifteen years later, I became a field repair technician in a company specialized in the manufacture of microprocessor-controlled attendance registration and access control terminals.         

           From the start as radio ham, I was always interested in the know-how of antennas and most of my antennas were and still are home brew, such as cubical quads, Yagis, delta loops, multiband dipoles, ground plains, etc. Any article or column in ham magazines were read, studied and collected. My bookshelf contains about 100 titles explaining antennas in general and in depth and a lot of CD's, DVD’s and USB sticks contain a huge collection of antenna related books and QST, QEX, Ham Radio and 73 Magazines.

           However, in the nineties antenna modeling programs for the PC came available. from this early stage, I purchased EZNEC and updated to every new version. From the beginning these programs were a real revelation to explore antenna properties,  performance and working know-how. With a few data inputs, keystrokes and mouse clicks it was possible to compute and visualize the antenna model radiation properties impedance and much more.

           After early retirement in the summer of 2000, I had more time to pursue my interest in the hobby of amateur radio and increase my knowledge of propagation and antenna theory and techniques. At April 2002 I started with writing a monthly column about “Radio Wave Propagation” for the online magazine AntenneX. This series ended in June 2009 but was the start for another series of columns named “Practical Antennas” till October 2016, the moment AntenneX suddenly stopped publishing. Writing about antenna modeling and techniques of how to do, should have been the next series of columns and was already in a preparatory stage. So, I decided to do it in printed book form.

           Other hobbies are photography, reading, traveling, gardening and of course  QSO’s mainly on HF. Thus, a busy bee!


  Started 15 March 2019
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