Advanced Antenna Modeling Book

More than 590 pages - Letter Format

Ready to be printed and published. Soon Available Summer 2019

Download the Chapters Contents and a list of the Accompanied Model files

Advanced Using EZNEC and AutoEZ Modeling Software

      Table of Contents

      About the Author



      Chapter 1: Introduction

      Chapter 2: Start Modeling with EZNEC

      Chapter 3: Wires

      Chapter 4: Sources

      Chapter 5: Loads

      Chapter 6: Transmission Lines

      Chapter 7: Physical Transmission Lines

      Chapter 8: Transformers and Networks

      Chapter 9: Adding Ground Model

      Chapter 10: View Antenna

      Chapter 11: SWR

      Chapter 12: Far Fields Patterns

      Chapter 13: Modeling Conventions and Guidelines

      Chapter 14: Convergence and Average gain

      Chapter 15: AutoEZ Calculations and Variable use

      Chapter 16: Create Wires

      Chapter 17: Modeling by Equations

      Chapter 18: Special Cases

      Chapter 19: AutoEZ Optimizer

      Chapter 20: Tables and Graphs

      Appendix A: Conversions and Tables

        Appendix B: Miscellaneous

      Appendix C: Accompanied Models and Files


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