L.B. Cebik Colection

QRP Quarterly

1996jan  ATUs, Delta and Losses
1996mar  All-Band Dipoles 135' - 102' - 67'
1997jan  Some Notes on Antenna Bandwidth
1997feb  Wire Yagis for 30 and 40 Meters
1997mar  Self-Contained Vertically Polirized Wire Antennas
1997apr  To Trap or Not to Trap
1998jan  Don't Be Phased By Phasing
1998feb  Link-Coupled Antenna Tuners. Part 1: Inductive Coupling
1998mar  Link-Coupled Antenna Tuners. Part 2: The Input Story
1998apr  Link-Coupled Antenna Tuners. Part 3: The Output Story
1999jan  Link-Coupled Antenna Tuners. Part 4: Series Circuits and Reatance
1999jan  A Dozen Ways to See and Love Your Feedlines
1999feb  Link-Coupled Antenna Tuners. Part 5: Components, Construction, and Measueents
1999mar Verticals Without Vertigo. Part 1
1999apr Verticals Without Vertigo. Part 2
2000jan  Verticals Without Vertigo. Part 3
2000feb  The Zig-Zag Diole-Doublet
2000mar  Unfolding the Story of the Folded dipole
2000apr  Notes on the Terminated Wide-Band "Folded Dipole"
2002feb  Some Techniques for Buiding a QRP Field Vertical
2003jan  A Vertical Doublet for 30-10 Meters
2003apr  Just Tall That's All
2004feb  Y-Doublet Feedline
2007apr  6-Meter B-Antenna: A Dipole and a 2-Element Beam
2008jan  Counterpoise? On the Use and Abuse of a Word

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