L.B. Cebik W4RNL (SK)

Articles Collection

Some History and Hints
Amateur Radio Continuing Education
Modeling and Understanding Small Beams
Some Lower HF Vertical Antennas
Some Lower HF Horizontal Antennas
Some Upper HF Antennas: Yagis and Relatives
Some Upper HF Antennas: HF Arrays and Questions
Some VHF/UHF Antennas
Antenna Fundamentals Compositions & QRP
Antennas and Related
Antenna Ideas & Choices
An Antenna Potporie
Transmission Lines, Impedance Coupling, and Construction
Antenna Modeling Software & Such
Antenna Modeling
Antenna Modeling Notes.  7 Volumes + Models.   16Mb
ARRL publications. QST - QEX - NCJ
QRP Quarterly
Ham Radio         3 articles
73 magazine       7 articles
CQ Magazine
VOACAP Modeling Some 1600 Type13 Files